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Top 5 Highest Grossers of All Time


Ever wondered which Film collected the most in the whole world. Curious right? Here are the Top 5 Highest Grossers of all time that minted billions at the box-office.

AVENGERS ENDGAME – Being touted as the third most expensive film in the world, this Marvel phenomenal conclusion to Epic saga offers everything a Marvel fan needs, an absolute Masterpiece. Before release, there is a huge gaga spread all over the world on how Avengers brings back half of the vanished universe which leads to many fan theories. Elements like Captain America able to draw Thor’s hammer, Bruce Banner accepting Hulk into his body forever, Antman returns from Quantum Realm, Captain Marvel saving Iron Man brings excitement. This film on a whole collected a jaw-dropping figure of 2.79 billion dollars by pushing Avatar and grabs No.1 spot in Highest grossing movies of all time.

AVATAR – James Cameron’s science fiction showed the extent visual effects can actually go like no one ever before showed the kind of CGI he came up with. After the release film had an impeccable recognition. It is the fastest movie to gross from 1 billion dollar to 2.5 billion dollars which pretty much explains it’s worth and popularity. Until Avengers Endgame released and swept away all the existing records Avatar used to be the highest grosser of all time with 2.78 billion dollars, now at the second position.

TITANIC – Irrespective of age and language everyone knows about the storm Titanic created in 1997 even though some haven’t watched till today. The emotional impact of a natural calamity on the Jack-Rose relationship is beautifully expressed by James Cameron. Wonder if Titanic released this age with all the mind-bending technology and VFX it would have been a visual masterpiece. Along with the 3D version of Titanic released in 2012, the film collected 2.18 billion dollars. Titanic is the first movie to surpass 1 billion dollar box office gross of all time and guess what after 12 years Cameron himself beat his record with Avatar.

STAR WARS – THE FORCE AWAKENS – 2015 sequel of The Most Popular Epic Space franchise Star Wars: The force awakens holds 4th position in the list of highest grosser of all time with 2.06 billion dollars. This film is considered the most breathtaking, powerful and joyous one out of 9 sequels. Star Wars cannot be praised without mentioning the Music by John Williams.

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR – Long suspenseful arrival of Thanos since Avengers release in 2012 – has finally put to end in Infinity war and he stunned Marvel nerds more than Captain America and Iron Man. The way director duo Anthony and Joe Russo sustained the curiosity on Avengers winning or losing against Thanos till the last scene is just commendable. The action episodes, CGI and the aura created by the most fascinating badass villain make u go back to the theatre which is exactly why this film collected 2.04 billion dollars and holds the fifth position.


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