What is the reason behind serial deaths of Kpop Idols?

What is the reason behind serial deaths of Kpop Idols?

In India horrific rape incidents creating terror like wise in South Korea continuous suicides of star celebrities becoming sensation all over. In just two months three Kpop idols died out of which two committed suicide reflecting the toxic fan culture in Hallyu (Korean wave or Korean pop music industry). Throughout the lengthy process of training to perfect their singing, dancing, acting and speech skills as an idol, they get subjected to intense physical and mental pressures alongside the criticism and hate from netizens making stars sensitive and hopeless.

Two months back on October 14th, a 25 year old Korean singer Sulli member of f(x) group committed suicide in her room. Although she was quite open about her mental illness that didn’t stop netizens from making malicious and abusive comments.

In the span of six weeks from that heartbreaking incident her fellow singer Goo Hara found dead along with a note indicating that she had been feeling pessimistic after doing a solo Japan concert. During trail case she filed on her ex husband she received online abuse and severe criticism which took her bright life.

Same thing repeated again on December 3rd leaving entire Kpop world in shock with the news of Surprise U member and budding actor Cha In Ha death in his apartment and police investigating the case. His agency Fantagio released a statement saying “We feel devastated to deliver such heartbreaking and unfortunate news”. The reasons behind his death are unknown but many suspects it to be a murder as the actor has decent career graph in acting and never been a victim of online abuse.

Though the agencies are working hard to maintain their idols stability and mental health these serial deaths of Kpop stars has no end it seems.