Most Expensive Residences in India

most expensive houses

Being Celebrity is not so easy as it looks to public. Social life exhaust them so much physically and mentally. Home is the only place to bring down stress and rejuvenate themselves. Hence their first and safe investment always goes in building a sweet, peaceful and luxurious home. Here are the Top-4 richest residences in India.

ANTILIA – 40 storeyed building of India’s Richest Billionaire Mukesh Ambani located in Altamount road, Mumbai. It is built in 400,000 square feet area spreaded with 27 floors, 6 floors space allocated to car garage, Helipad, Spa, Movie Theater, Yoga center, Dance studio, Swimming pools, Ice cream parlour, Salon, Temple, Snow room to beat heat. This Skyscraper (570 feet tall) costs around 2 Billion US Dollars (14000 crore in Indian currency) and is the second richest residence in whole world. Ambani got slammed for not being concerned towards poor and for the fact 600 staff continuously working for a family of 4 members.

ABODE – Meaning itself Home, Abode is a 17 storeyed building of Reliance group Chairman Anil Ambani located in Bandra Palli Hill, Mumbai constructed in 16,000 square feet area and 66 meters tall. This building costs 5000 crores.

MANNAT – Mahal of India’s biggest Film Celebrity Shah Rukh Khan located in Bandra West, Mumbai stands at 10th place in World’s richest houses. SRK bought this home from his neighbor for 13.32 Cr back then and now it’s value is 200 Cr. Built in 26,328 square feet area with Private Gym, Boxing ring, Table Tennis room, entire floor dedicated to Play room, Swimming pool, Studio, Library, Private bar, Theater and a Prayer room.

COLABA – 3 storeyed building of Former Chairman of TATA group Ratan Tata located in Colaba, Mumbai built in 13,350 square feet area which includes Infinity pool, Personalised Gym, Bar, Media room, Servant quarters, Parking space for 10 cars. House costs 150 Cr and is one of the most expensive in world.