Kartikeya’s 90 ml Movie Review

Kartikeya's 90 ml Movie Review

STORY: Devdas (Kartikeya) has alcoholic syndrome and needs to drink 90 ml liquor three times a day to keep himself in control. He falls in love with Suvasana (Neha Solanki) who hates alcohol. How he fights his alcohol problem and villain who brings disturbance in his life is rest of the film to watch.

Main highlight of the film is Kartikeya’s dance, his hard work and passion can be seen in dance and action episodes but his acting needs bit of improvement. Story line is nothing fresh except for hero suffering from fatal alcohol syndrome disorder. Action episode of heroine family fighting is hilarious. BGM is good and two songs are OK. Narration is flat and direction is weak.


Kartikeya’s dance
Action scenes
Comedy portions in second half


Old school direction
Glorification of Alcoholism

Final Verdict – No Kick for audience

Rating – 2/5