Vishal – Tamannaah’s Action Movie Review

vishal action

Army Colonel Subhash (Vishal) comes from a Political background family. His Father (Pala Karuppaiah) is a Cheif Minister and his brother is a Deputy CM. While announcing the same by his father a bomb blast occurs due to which his family along with his Fiancee Meera (Aishwarya Lekshmi) dies. Subhash tries to investigate about the person behind this and finds out it’s a Terrorist act. His Army colleague Diya (Tamannaah Bhatia) who loves him helps in his dangerous journey of tracking Terrorist.

First Half

Subhash saves kidnapped Diya in Istanbul with a stylish action episode, Military officer Subhash’s flashback and he engaged with Meera, Bomb blast scene, Subhash’s investigation and chase.

Second Half

Bank hacking Scene, Chasing and stunts, Terrorist kidnap with an action-packed climax


Vishal Performance
Tamanna Glamour
Background score
Action Episodes
Rich Production Values


Illogical Scenes
Second Half

Final Verdict – Illogical Action Thriller

Rating – 2/5