Evvarikee Cheppoddu Movie Review For Andarikee

evvarikee cheppoddu review
evvarikee cheppoddu review

Rakesh Varre started his acting career with Josh in 2010 and acted in blockbusters Jai lava kusa, Baahubali 2, Mirchi, Goodachari and Vedam as a character artist. For his latest film EVVARIKEE CHEPPODDU he turned producer cum hero for the first time and tries his luck. Film released today and received positive response from critics and audience.

First Half

Movie starts with 1972 backdrop where Durga prasad character enters who swears by his caste. In present day Heroine Harathi is daughter of Durga prasad. Hero Hari hilarious entry with his friends. Love track between Hari and Harathi. Emotional interval bang.

Second Half

Hari tries to find Harathi’s address. Caste tree episode. Whistle worthy Ayyappa song gives goosebumps and makes viewers to chant unknowingly. Twist in pre climax and ends with gripping climax.

Technical Department

With all new comers not only in cast but also in crew, the whole team did a fabulous job in their own space especially Director Shankar did a phenomenal work in narrating a sensitive subject CASTE which always flames between elders and youngsters. Rakesh Varre hilarious characterization and his natural performance stands as strongest point in the film. Gargeyi yellapragada as heroine showed her charm in the first film itself. After the lead pair, Vamsi raj who played father to Gargeyi did his best. Though film has fun in every scene makes audience engaging throughout. Even with less budget every frame looks pleasing and natural especially costumes of Gargeyi. Director slightly failed in bringing emotions but succeded in giving a joyous ride this dusshera.


  • Lead pair performance
  • Heroine father characterization
  • Direction
  • Comedy & Love track


  • Emotional scenes execution
  • Predictable at times

Final verdict

Non-stop rom-com ride (Andarikee cheppandi navvu aagadani)

Rating – 3.25/5