Arjun Suravaram Movie Review

Arjun Suravaram Review

In young actors, Nikhil Siddharth is one who knows his strengths and strives to strengthen them even more. With his mark thriller genre films like Swami Ra Ra, Karthikeya, Keshava and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada he turned as a minimum guarantee Hero for producers and distributors. His latest outing Arjun Suravaram after facing a lot of struggles to release got finally released today in theatres.

First Half

Protestors demands arrest of Arjun Lenin Suravaram (Nikhil), reporters Arjun and Kavya (Lavanya Tripathi) meets in a string operation, loan scam, tom & jerry game between Arjun gang and scammers, Twist in the interval

Second Half

School collapse incident, Arjun and his gang investigation on fake degree certificate mafia, emotional scene, climax


Nikhil – Lavanya chemistry


Boring at times
First 30 minutes
Repetitive Mode

Final Verdict – Nikhil couldn’t shine in his mark genre

Rating – 2.5/5